Saluqi key technology patented

Patent 1: Smart topology electric machine with integrated power electronics using high volume, low cost, automotive qualified power electronic components

Power electronics weight  ↓75%

Power electronics volume  ↓20%

Power electronics cost       ↓30%

Patent 2: Effective single cooling system that cools motor and power electronics


The commercial introduction of the lithium battery made that the clean and powerful properties of electric drives became the preferred proposition for the next 100 years.

Two years ago we founded Saluqi Motors because we saw that the advances in battery technology and cost improved year over year while the development of the other major component in the drive train, the electric motor with controller, was seriously falling behind on expectations in terms of new developments and cost reduction.

High power systems (above 10 KW) are still too expensive, the main reason for this issue is the complexity and cost of the power electronics controller.

Saluqi motors developed a topology for an integrated motor controller system that enables the use of commodity power electronic components. These are the low power components used today in high volume consumer applications such as power tools, washing machines, power adapters for laptops, tablets and phones and LED  drivers. These markets are characterized by a high pace of innovation and fierce competition which results in improved components (higher power, higher efficiency, lower cost) released multiple times per year. In existing typologies, creating more power by parallelization of many lower power components there are problems with mismatching between components resulting in loss of total power and loss of reliability. Saluqi Motors has solved these issues with a simple, reliable and low cost design. The Saluqi Motors parallelization typologies uses all the power the components are designed to provide while increasing instead of decreasing reliability.

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