The Saluqi Motors FAQ

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What is the power range of a Saluqi Motors engine?

The technology can be easily scaled for power (10KW – 100KW+ per motor) with less than proportional cost of the components

How do your power electronics & motor not overheat?

We have designed and patented a cooling system that is simple and effective, it cools both motor and power electronics

Do you make an electric motor or a power generator?

Our drive functions equally well as a motor and a power generator application

Why is your motor including inverter over 30% cheaper?

Our power electronics are more affordable compared to other manufacturers. Due to the integrated power electronics and electric motor we save costs for both connections and housing components. We also use low power class FETs or low power class IGBTs to generate high power.

Why is your motor up to 50% smaller and lighter?

We integrated power electronics and electric motor into one casing

What kind of components do you use?

The components we have applied are high volume certified power switching devices

Why are your power electronics more reliable?

We have applied the power components differently in our architecture. In traditional systems if only one power component fails, zero drive power remains: all power is lost. Saluqi Motors power electronics topology is fault tolerant, up to 30% of power components can fail, while still 50% drive power remains.

Why are your power electronics so effective?

We use commodity power electronic components in such a way our design does not suffer losses

Why Freedom. Power. Soul. ?

Metropolitans have a desire for exciting clean transportation with friendly price tag. Saluqi’s powerfull all-electric drive technology corresponds to that need.


One of the key innovations is the newly developed electric drive technology. We take advantage of the low prices of high quality small to medium power components used in electric tools, washing machines and automotive auxiliary systems Saluqi delivers the performance and power density of high end drive systems at a fraction of the cost.


Saluqi’s design DNA is an expression based on the elegance and strength of the Saluki greyhound. Curved, agile surfaces go hand in hand with the lightweight build, forming a sensual aesthetic. This makes the unique, authentic Saluqi character.