Smart Motor Technology

Technology Proposition

✅ Electric motor, power electronics and cooling integrated in a single housing.
Use of best-in-class power switching technology (FET, SIC) in same form factor.
High total efficiency of 95% – 97%: motor + inverter.
Efficient cooling system; highly effective, balanced, single circuit cooling system cooling the motor and electronics. Tailored designs are possible for different user applications.
Build in redundancy and fail safety; as apposed to classic architectures due to modular segmented approach.
Build in monitoring and safety (voltage, current and temperature);
Scalable from 50kW to 4MW.

Key Product Specifications

Power density motor + inverter → max. power @2500RPM:up to 6 kW/kg
Power density electronics:75 kW/kg; 75 kW/L
Total efficiency:95 – 97 %
Modular and scalable:50 kW to 4 MW

Customer Experience

✅ User friendly and accessible user-experience; both hardware & software. Everything you need to change, you can change in our software, how it feels on the throttle, how it performs. Plug & Play.
Online client portal; for installation manuals, operating instructions and customer support.
Compact and lightweight solutions; due to distinctive innovative designs, continuous improvement and patented topologies for an integrated system.
Reliable and redundant; fault tolerant due to motor segmentation and power electronics topology (50% of power remaining when one segment is disconnected).