The Electric Powertrain of the Future”

Saluqi Motors develops and builds electric motors with integrated power electronics enabling the acceleration of the electrification of transport with high power density electric motors and power electronics.

— Maarten Klomp, Founder & CEO of Saluqi Motors

Smart Motor Technology

Today, best in class inverters have a power density of up to 50kW/kg and 35 kW/L (@ 400 volt). Saluqi motors feature a patented and integrated inverter technology with power densities of 75kW/kg and 75 kW/L (@ 400 volt); an increase of 50% in gravimetric density and 100% in volumetric density compared to best in class products available on the market today.

With these technologies we are able to achieve a combined motor and inverter power density of 6.0 kW/kg delivering maximum power @ 2500 rpm while having a combined efficiency of 95-97%. Further these qualities of high torque and maximum power at low rpm, the Saluqi Motors enable direct drive in many applications saving the extra weight, complexities and losses of a gearbox. We provide the lightest, most compact and efficient electric drive solutions for your electric powertrain comparing ourselves to the best in class products available in the market.

Saluqi Applications

We commit to high power density applications…

Key Product Specifications

Power density motor + inverter → max. power @2500RPM: up to 6 kW/kg
Power density electronics: 75 kW/kg; 75 kW/L
Total efficiency: 95 – 97 %
Modular and scalable: 50 kW to 4 MW

Saluqi Products

We deliver and innovatenow and in the future

50 – 150 kW


200 – 350 kW

In development

700 kW – 4 MW

Technology is scalable

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