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Our Story

In 2016 we founded Saluqi Motors because we saw that the advances in battery technology power density and cost improved year over year creating a fast growing need for ever better high performance, compact and light electric motors and motor power electronics.

Saluqi Motors develops and builds motors with integrated power electronics using state of the art magnetic materials, high performance power semiconductors and new cooling architectures. These power electronic components we use are manufactured in high volume for consumer & industrial applications such as power supply units, welding machines, air conditioners, solar power inverters, induction heating and battery chargers. These markets are characterized by a high pace of innovation and fierce competition which results in improved components (higher power, higher efficiency, lower cost) released multiple times per year. In existing designs, creating more power by parallelization of many lower power components inefficiencies exist concerning mismatching between components resulting in loss of total power and loss of reliability. Saluqi Motors has solved these issues with a simple, reliable and efficient design. The Saluqi Motors parallelization techniques use all the power the components are designed to provide while increasing power density, efficiency and increasing instead of decreasing reliability.

Meet The Team

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